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Keshe Reactor

Keshe Reactor



Nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe has designed plasma reactors which by gravitational positioning are able to generate their own magnetic and gravitational fields around the reactor and the spacecraft to counter the forces of Earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields.







Keshe Space Exploration and Habitation Systems


Space Exploration & Habitat Systems

Space Exploration & Habitation Systems

Keshe Space company: KESHE SPACE EXPORATION AND HABITATION SYSTEMS N.V. i.o (Belgium), fully licensed for all space and aero applications by Stichting the Keshe Foundation (Geleen, the Netherlands).

On the KesheFoundation Youtube Channel Mehran Keshe explains more about the principles of the motion of Matters and objects in the universe. Through five simple movies he explains the real composition of the neutron, fusion, the origin of light, motion, etc. Mr. Keshe has published several books about these new first principles in physics.

This new understanding makes it possible to design new types of space craft and aircraft that receive their motion not from traditional propulsion systems but by gravitational positioning. Thus the craft have their own independent magneto-spheric field which operates inside or with the magnetosphere of planets or other celestial bodies.

 On page 163 of the first book The Universal Order of Creation of Matters, Figure 57 shows the similarities between four different types of Magravs (magnetic and gravitational fields) positioning systems.

By changing the properties of the magneto-spheric field of the craft, its position can be changed and controlled.

The industrial production and development of these new types of craft and related services will be undertaken by a new company responsible for:


Space Travel - A Byproduct of Keshe Technology

Space travel – a byproduct of the Keshe Technology



The production and development of Spacecraft, reactors and building systems for space exploration.

Related services (space-cruises, space travel and “moonwalk” vacations).

Infrastructure (water, air, energy supply) systems.

Earth-Moon and Earth-Earth transportation and hotel services.

Delivery of satellites into orbit and delivery of payloads to space station(s).





The Keshe Foundation introduces the scientific community to the new world of plasma technology, for the creation of energy, lift, motion and space technology through new principles of gravitational positioning.


With the new gravitational positioning technology and systems developed and released by the Keshe Foundation, space technology can achieve:


Creation of motion as is the norm in the universe, through systems which have been developed by the Keshe Foundation and which use the magnetic fields of the planet for take-off and landing.

With this new technology there are no uncertain take-offs or uncertain landings and no problem with re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

There are no weightless conditions inside the craft in space, no limited payload, no re-entry heat shields or problems of the past, no need to put the life of the astronauts in danger.

Now space technology is open to every person and nation on earth and in less than 10 years from now it will be possible to travel to the Moon and back for the cost of a business class plane ticket.

Take-off can be from any point on Earth with no need for launch-pads, and landing can be at any point on Earth.

The gravitational systems have no need to burn fuel to achieve lift, height and motion.

Space explorations and colonization (of the moon, Mars, Europa, …) becomes now affordable for all nations.


With this new understanding of the creation of the gravitational fields of planetary systems and the development of similar systems to replicate their operation … is there a future for NASA and other space agencies and their present use of rocket propulsion technology to reach space?


In the near future the Keshe Foundation plans a number of public events which will demonstrate the technology.