Environment / Agriculture



Decontamination Systems


Systems for cleaning up chemical and nuclear leakage, using the parallel magnetic attraction principle of the technology, where the reactor, acting like a solid magnet, will match the magnetic field of the atomic structure of the targeted leakage and produce the opposite magnetic field, in order to absorb the pollution and carry out the decontamination.


CO2, NOx and SO2 Systems



CO2 Cleanup


CO2 clean-up: the CO2 of exhaust pipes from cars and factories can be converted to clean water and carbon by passing the gas through the reactor core. The system can also be used to clean NOx and SO2.

Keshe plasma reactors to be used to clean CO2 from all kind of exhaust systems, like exhaust pipes of cars and trucks, industrial plants, machines, etc.



Carbon Di-Oxide

Using waste for energy


Production of atomic carbon from waste materials like PET bottles, plastics, etc. In water treatment systems it is possible to filter out elements like Chromium 6 in a way similar to our method for depositing atomic carbon – in pure plasma conditions – from the plastic cola bottle. All happens at room temperature and in normal pressure.

Keshe plasma reactors to be used in all kind of industrial processes which then are powered for many years.



Production of CO2

Production of CO2


Production of CO2 for specific applications. Direct capture of CO2 and CH4 from the air has been proven by IR and XRD spectroscopy.

Read the CO2 paper. [PDF unavailable]




Seed Experiment


Following our seed tests three years ago, this years as the spring in the northern hemisphere approaching, the Foundation will start again testing its technology of experimenting with the growing of seeds under different conditions.


Our proposal.


Seeds Experiment

Experimenting with seed growth


Seeds with normal water.

  1. Seeds watered from special systems developed for growth.
  2. Seeds, which have been cultured and grown in our nano material environment.
  3. Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water.
  4. Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water from the systems.
  5. Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water, and soil which have nano materials.
  6. Seeds, which are in soil and feed with water, are absorbing feed from air while the seeds are in liquid materials nano solutions are absorbed directly from the air.

These experiments should take about 3-6 month, 50 seeds with each trial case or you can sugest if you would like more seeds and what variation.




The CO2 Solution


Five Tubes

Absorbing Materials From the Environment


New method for producing energy direct from the environment by absorbing and producing CO2 and CH4 in solid state at room temperature.

Read the paper about this new development in the first book.