Day and Night Energy Panels


The solution for climate change!

The panel is about as big as a medium sized battery.The Keshe Foundation is proud to announce the development of “Day & Night panels” which deliver current day and night at levels considerably higher than those from present solar panel models. These D&N panels will be able to supply constant power to electrical and electronic devices. This new technology is under patent application.


At the same time these panels are able to capture CO2 and CH4 from the air and convert them to a liquid state. CO2 and CH4 are important greenhouse gases.


Electricity Generation


Power generating systems for power stations, power farms, local and household power units and remote generators.


Batteries which last several years instead of a few days, for computers and cellular phones.


Keshe plasma batteries can be made in ISO-norm-sized batteries to be used in all kind of electronic devices which then can last for years.


Micro-batteries which last several years instead of a few days, for powering and cooling micro-electronics.


Heat Generation


In power stations to create a head of steam for turbines.


Household heating for electric heating and light.


Steam production for industrial processes.


Condensation systems for obtaining water and desalination.


Energy Technology


This web page gives a new insight into the energy production capabilities of our systems. The concept of energy creation behind the development of this reactor is based on a new understanding of the laws of physics. Our technology results from applying this new understanding of the cooperation and interaction of the atomic structure of gases and matters upon each other.


The principles of the behavior of gases and liquids in the environment have been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades. This is an important factor in the development of any energy system that has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, powerful and functional to justify its use in any system, such as production of power, gravity or anti-gravity, shielding, medical purposes and so forth.


For this system to meet these criteria it is important to use hydrogen as the primary catalyst.


In 2005 Prof. Dr. ir. Marc Van Overmeire of the Univertity of Brussels (VUB), at the request of FLAG (Flanders Aerospace Group) looked into Mr Keshe’s energy concept and produced the following evaluation (download the pdf), concluding that the concepts behind this method of energy production are valid.


The Use Of The System As An Energy Source


This system is a fully integrated electro-nuclear-magnetic power generator. The system, in its core, creates the magnetic force field that man is used to as part of the magnetic fields of the Earth. The unit generates magnetic fields that can pass through tissues and atoms without affecting their characteristics.