The Keshe Foundation is as a developer of Space Technology concerned by all aspects of living in Space. Because Space travellers cannot be sick, we have developed a patented Plasma Reactor Technologyâ„— that is based on the knowledge of the basics of life and matter in the universe.


The Keshe foundation offers solutions for severe diseases such as:


Human Health

Health Applications






Multiple sclerosis

Health application

COPD (lung illnesses)

Other diseases…


This started because the Foundation was getting requests from the general public to see what could be done to remedy their serious illnesses, which the present world of medicine has no answer for.


Our technology is based on years of research and trials with hundreds of volunteers.


If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please fill in the form via the volunteers info page to make an appointment free of charge in our facilities in Belgium. Please bring your blood-test and any medical documents or history you have regarding your disease.


You now can make an appointment over Skype also. Please fill in your Skype account name and be sure to send us your blood-test in the email. You will be given a date and hour of appointment online with Mr. Keshe.


Please note, regarding applying as a volunteer


In view of the thousands of applications we are receiving to volunteer in our health research, we would like to make it clear that our work is focused on diseases and conditions that we consider relevant in the context of our space programme. At present the number of people we can include in our trials is limited and we cannot possibly take on everyone who applies.


We will keep all the applications on file and in due course will contact the people we would like to include in our trials. But if you have applied and do not hear from us, please do not reapply or contact us for an answer – we are already on overload!


The Foundation is making its technology available for health as for all the other sectors, and we would like nothing more than to see everybody benefit from it, but this can only happen if people encourage the authorities in their own country to investigate it and adopt it for their citizens. Meanwhile as our work progresses it is becoming even more effective and reliable.


About the Keshe Foundation


The Keshe Foundation (registered in The Netherlands) is a non-profit organization and it is the holder of all intellectual rights of M.T. Keshe, related to space technology.

The main objective of this Foundation is the repartition of licensing fees to over five different areas related to mankind welfare and world education. 

Child Wash

Providing Clean Water Around the World


The Keshe Foundation target is to solve some of the main problems which humanity faces today, such as global warming (CO²), the production of clean and cheap energy, providing clean water and the foundation’s most important function is to open Space for the whole of the humanity through the working of the newly developed systems which works on the universal method of creation of motion and not relying up on propulsion and jet technology.


The Keshe Foundation offers also its space health technology, which have shown to be the answer to some ailment which the present conventional medicine has no solution for.