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Keshe Manufacturing Arizona

April 1, 2017 5th Edition




I was given a pair of dowsing rods at my last workshop and shown how to use them. I asked to see the field of a car unit that was hooked up to a car’s cigarette lighter. I was able to feel the field around 30 feet away. The driver unplugged the unit from the cigarette lighter and the field dropped to 10 feet. It was re-plugged in and again the field grew to 30 feet. I have since checked the field of a number of units and seen fields within a range of 27-33 feet, whether they are plugged into a cigarette lighter or direct on the battery. I have found one exception: a unit that I have in our truck which has a field of 45 feet, with truck on and 15 feet when turned off. I spent a lot of time making that unit and I have not yet determined why that one has a larger field or indeed if the larger field has “better” effects.


I then checked my house unit. This field went beyond the edge of my front fence, approximately 180 feet away.


I then got to thinking about the field created by GANS.


I have 12 jars of GANS (4 of each, CH3, CO2 and CUO) from various processes, all captured over the last 4 months, and 4 jars of various mixes. I isolated each jar by taking it outside and then asked to see the field. I was very specific with my question and these are my results:


When I asked to see the field created by the CH3 GANS, I measured 15, 21, 35 and 35 feet (The first batch (15) was made with nano-coated copper, the other processes used carbon rod; all processes used galvanized nails, 3v power and aerator; the last two jars came from the same batch, the aerator fell out for some of the process and the GANS is a very dark brown almost black in color)


When I asked to see the field created by the CO2 GANS, I measured 50, 85, 85 and 85 feet (The first batch (50) was made with nano-coated copper, the other processes used carbon rod; all processes used zinc plate, 3v power and 1.5v LED light)


When I asked to see the field created by the CUO GANS, I measured 95, 95, 140, 140 feet (All were made using carbon clad copper rod, copper plate, 3v power and aerator; for the 3rd jar (140) I substituted the distilled water for a copper colloid made with distilled water, this GANS is a much darker blue than the first 2 (95) jars; the 4th jar (140) the aerator fell out for part of the process this created much more GANS and at a darker color.


I did a test where I had isolated the CO2 GANS and I asked to see the field of the CH3 GANS I had no reading.


I then checked the mixes I had:


Green Mix – CH3, CO2, CUO – first I read the field of the GANS and got 95 feet; I then asked to see the individual GANS, when I asked to see the CH3 I got 15 feet which is the same as the jar of CH3 that I used in this mix. I repeated this for all three and I was not only able to identify each individual field but also the jar from which I took the GANS from


I repeated the above experiment for other mixes we had made for our workshop, these included CH3 with a drop of CUO; CUO with a drop of CO2; and CO2 with a drop of CH3; and again I was able to identify each field of the individual GANS from within the mix. We also did a blind study where my partner hid the mix in a box so I would not know what is was and I was able to identify which mix was hidden! 



My Conclusions:


You can use dowsing rods to see the size of these fields. The range of the field is affected by the materials used, i.e. the smaller fields were created from nano-coated copper as opposed to the carbon rod. I would expect the field of CUO made with nano-coated copper to be smaller than the results I obtained. Additionally, “mistakes”, such as the aerator falling out of the process thus creating a much darker GANS also had an effect on the size of the field. 


Surprisingly, it would appear that the quantity of GANS does not affect the size of the field. What I found most exciting is that I am not seeing a “mix” of fields, so to speak, where say CUO plus CO2 equals XYZ, what I am seeing is that two or more energies are co-existing in the same container. 


Once I have concluded my research on the different size fields under various conditions I want to look at the effects of the different size fields in the units.


Anyone wanting copies of my results can contact me at , I would also appreciate any feedback.



By Jon Bliven, Managing Director



For many there is a deep understanding that significant changes are at hand and there is this desire to see them now so that we can go about healing the problems of the past. In the big picture it is not that simple and bringing forth some of the changes that we have been aware of for in some cases over three years ago requires changes within us also that we are strong enough that we do not go back to the old ways of doing business. This requires us to find a deeper level of peace within us and to understand the responsibilities that go along with our new gifts that we all might flourish. We are now entering into a period where the maturity of the soul and the understandings are broad enough that the gifts can be brought out in a way that support the collective rather than the individual. For those that are following the teachings, the gifts of the universe being shared have been discussed in many teachings and by many teachers.


I don’t know how many times I have tried to share my understanding on where the foundation was at with the plasma generator. I have heard just about everything as patience is not the strong suit for those anxious to start changing what is clearly broken. I would like to share that the energies from each supporter who has made gans or tried the pain pens have helped to move the collective frequencies.


Your wishes and desires are changing the world in ways many may not fully understand. The emotions of your desires and your support of others allows things to manifest. 


The generator is not available yet but the initial designs are being finalized and testing is to be monitored. There is much work that needs to be done to bring it peacefully forward. Initially it will not be opened up for anyone to “copy and abuse” but will be managed by various governments that citizens might benefit and the government might play a role in how they move from one paradigm to another. Some of the questions of things like when will “I” be able to purchase one may well depend on the leaders in your government. So in answer to the question of when will the generators be available I would say to continue to stay tuned and watch which countries truly care about supporting their citizens and which care only about continuing the false narrative of global warming and the reliance on fossil and nuclear power. As citizens, it will be up to us to demand the changes and educate others about the truth of what is possible. This is how we take back our power.


Many of us in the foundation will be at the conference in Rome where sharing some of the new developments and ideas will add to the collective knowledge. Next month we will share some of what transpires. Don’t lose faith as you are making this happen for all.





Here at Keshe Manufacturing Arizona, we are working on developing and testing different ideas put forward by the Keshe community. We are producing specialized gans and gans mixtures to be used in Health, Plasma Batteries, Car units, Agriculture water purification and soil applications.


We’ve recently started looking at how fields project from different combinations of gans, different nano-materials and also from our products such as the pain pen.  The easiest way to visually observe these fields is to freeze a liquid (water in our case) with the gans, then inspect the formations of the ice with the fingerprint of the field within it. The image shown on the right illustrates the fields from a pain pen frozen in RO water. We have also inspected field projections from different combinations of gans placed in a ball and magrav car units to name a few. We will be posting more results on our Facebook page as progress continues.


Last week we started the first round of seed germination using gans produced at our facility. These seeds are part of an experiment that I carried out on my plot in Mexico. We recently visited this plot, in Mexico, to harvest the cilantro patch which will be used to make a concentrate for Cilantro Pesto here in Phoenix. The plot also contains carrots, garlic, onions, fava beans and sweet peas which are maturing rapidly and getting ready for harvest very soon. I have been using the gans produced here in Arizona to feed the soil since the spring growing cycle started and will look at how the gans affect growth rates as the growing season continues. At this time, I am only using nano-seeds (seeds harvested from plants which have been grown using only water and gans) that were produced for our seed Bank. I am also getting the land ready for our summer projects to grow the corn that was harvested last year. 


We have recently started experimenting by producing gans with Bio-salt concentrates. We will be testing these new gans in our food gans, patches, plasma batteries, health units, magrav reactors, Pain pens and car units. We will be recording the fields produced by these units and the fields when these gans are spun in our star ship reactors. Bioplasma homeopathic salts can be used in your salt mixture. If you are not able to get the Bio-Salt mixture from your HEALTH FOOD STORE mix as many salts as are available in your area and add the bioplasma homeopathic salts to it. If your intentions are health applications get the metals plates that will give the best colloids in your gans (magnesium, iron, tin, zinc, gold, carbon rod, shungite etc). We need to focus our efforts on preparing our liquid plasma feeding emergency kits for our family and friends in case any catastrophic events develop in your area so that you will be able to produce your gans to purify your water and much more.


We have begun the productions of skin lotions and soaps containing gans and essential oils. These are the best non-GMO products on the market, we will have samples to give away with orders (while supply last) and will make them available for ordering online through the Keshe Foundation store very soon. We will also be releasing a new gans capture kit which will make the production and harvesting of gans much easier, plus much more to come after the Italy meeting. 







Keshe Foundation USA is looking for volunteers.


The Keshe Foundation USA is looking for someone to be the editor of our monthly newsletters. The person must be able to work with word documents and to help find and publish interesting articles in a monthly newsletter to the foundation. The position is currently only offered as a volunteer but as we grow new possibilities may be available that properly reward the service performed. Those interested please send me a note via e-mail to