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March 1, 2017 4th Edition


The Grass Roots Healing Foundation website was developed by Nikki Darwin, a Keshe Foundation distributor. Nikki takes key summaries of Mr. Mehran Keshe’s Knowledge Seeker’s Workshops and writes them up in easy reading, novel format. Plasma Times is happy to reprint here one of Nikki’s workshop summary articles. More great articles can be found on her website at


“Goodbyes!” The End of Influenza With Something as Simple as Soap


If we explore history back into Babylonian times we can find the use of soap. Soap has been around at least 6000 years. Way back then, forms of soap were used to clean the intestinal tract of sludge and pesticides that were interfering with gut function, by ingesting a spoonful or using it as an enema. Soap has been used to bless the outer skin as well as clean it. Unfortunately most present day skin care products have toxic additives and preservatives in them that are immediately absorbed through the skin causing various types of stress to the



The skin is our largest organ. It protects us, and give us visible emotional feedback of what is going on inside us, like an instrument panel. Soap is a Gans state of protein. This makes it a miraculous cleaning agent that can be enhanced for specific purposes.


Why is Soap so Valuable?


If you add more Gans to a present state of Gans, in this case soap, you increase its strength exponentially. The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) simple soap formula, made earlier this year, was stronger than any salmonella typhi, escherichia coli (E-coli), or staphylococcus aureus that might be found in a person. Plasma does its balancing act because plasma is only interested in life so it draws any harmful energies from protein-based life forms and puts them someplace else.

These viruses are virtually de-structured as their energy is moved elsewhere. The harmful energy of any bacteria, virus, parasite or alien critter that has an amino acid base (protein) will disappear in the presence of a stronger plasmatic field. Learn to comprehend the living presence of this new plasma information.


We are used to trying to kill things that get in our way without realizing the magnitude of what is truly available to us. This plasma soap is not destroying any critters. It is depleting the energy of them. What remains in their place is pure amino acid that can be used by the body as restructuring, nourishing fuel. Comprehending this soap process gives you a clear appreciation of Gans and the field transfer ability of plasma. This energy transfer is significant. Recognize this energy movement.


During the winter cleanup campaign at Fukushima where gans products were being used to render the radiation ineffective, it was noticed that none of the workers were getting sick from influenza during the intense cold weather. This was the first time in recent history where the power of CO2 gans plasma water was obvious.


So the secret in making soap that is going to support life in whatever recipe you use, is to replace the water in the recipe with CO2 Gans water and maybe some other Ganses of your choosing and include an animal fat along with your choice of plant oils. A wild animal fat would be superior. If the soap doesn’t do the job you want, just add more CO2 Gans.


In the GAEC microbiology lab the first time they did testing with 10%, 30% and 50% concentrations they were astonished to find complete dissolution of salmonella typhi, escherichia coli (E-coli), or staphylococcus aureus within 15 minutes. Since this time (June 2016) they have done further scientific studies. The African scientists have developed products and are manufacturing and selling them in Africa as we speak.


I suggest you make some CO2 Gans so you can make a soap formula with an animal fat and keep away any bacteria, viruses, parasites or aliens that might try to live in your body or your family’s bodies. I call them Goodbyes. This can be the end of influenza on our planet. All you have to do is follow these basic instructions so that you can then make a small patch and keep it in your pocket all the time. Make some for your grandchildren’s parents so they keep them in their children’s pockets and/or under their pillow. No more do you have to get sick from snotty nosed grandchildren. There is also no need for them to be sick from bacteria, viruses, parasites or alien life forms any longer. Take action, the future can be different.


Many blessings to you.

Nikki Darwin


By Jon Bliven Managing Director



Our observations color the world we experience. We each observe things in the world around us with the emotions of our biases we have formulated in the time we have been on this planet. In our observations of the unfoldment of the information of the Keshe Technologies we have all witnessed a lot of different emotions and reactions of many people who have come in contact with this technology. We have witnessed the extremes of those wishing to take another’s life to protect their own status, to those who have been touched by the benefits of it’s life saving capability, to a whole bunch of things in between. The web of the old paradigm and the new is not separate and we are watching how WE are coming to the understanding that WE can balance and move past the old energies into something much better. One of the tools in our toolbox is our imagination.


For those who have been around the foundation for a while it has been quite a journey in which many did not have the patience to understand that they had to understand the tools being developed that they might be strong enough to teach others with a clear understanding born on experiences. The “show me the money” folks came and went rapidly while those that were able to hear with their hearts were able to stand strong. For some this met years of building and testing various items in their garages and kitchens and hours of classroom time away for their everyday life. For some this went so far as to become a complete change in lifestyle in preparation for the future. Now collectively we all sit in this moment in time where everything is ready to shift our world.


We are able to see things from our perspective very clearly, but I want you to imagine with me for a minute to see things through the eyes of Mr. Keshe. Imagine if you had the understandings that could change this world over 5 or more years ago and you knew that this technology could destroy this world in the wrong hands and help this world in the right hands and all areas in between. This responsibility is unlike anything most of us have ever had to deal with. Imagine further if you knew that this technology did not require the investments of the more powerful individuals to bring it to it’s potential. Imagine if a poor villager in a remote area of Africa had an equal opportunity as a powerful scientist in NASA to bring about change. Imagine how Mr. Keshe felt as those attacking his understandings and the work of the foundation for years and knowing that he had to keep things moving in a way that did not jeopardize us all and not allow the collective to move forward. Imagine if at the heart of all this technology is the understanding that everything operates in harmony with the universe and to understand this is to unlock a new world of advancement for all of humanity. Imagine that on the other side of the efforts to bring this out were vast networks of corrupt individuals with tools available to them to track and monitor the efforts of every individual who is watching and participating in what is coming out while on the other side a network of protection unlike anything seen before from sources both known and unknown. Imagine if even too many clues had been released too early the nature of our world and the changes could have been altered for all of humanity.


Imagine if each one of us within the foundation is about to be standing in the shoes of responsibility that Mr. Keshe has been standing in for so long. Imagine if We are able to shock the scientific community to discover that We can produce the Gans of Hydrogen and that very small amounts (drops) can unleash the energies of the Sun. From the smallest is born everything.

Imagine if this gans allowed us to decide which strength of fields we wished to tap into whether it is gold or plutonium. Imagine what kind of service we could provide to the rest of humanity to rewrite this existing paradigm. Imagine also that as we are able to open up these energy fields of the higher order that we could create bubbles of energy that would completely change our lives by allowing us to operate in higher dimensions. Imagine if by entering these higher dimensional fields that interactions with our galactic community was easily available to all those who were ready. Imagine that by entering the fields that the human body energies were balanced that

illnesses were instantly healed. Imagine further that travel within these fields to exotic planets was also possible. With all this comes RESPONSIBILITY not only to our own lives but to those who share this universe with us. This is not to be taken lightly and is not to be feared but to be dealt with in a way that does no harm. As creatures of habit brought up on this planet we must recognize our egoist nature and not let it put the collective in harms way. This will not be an easy task for many as the new discoveries will be so grand, but this is why we must harness our thoughts and serve in a manner that all thrive.


Let me take things a step further as our imaginations are being given a temporary safe space to look at things without the need to be protected by our skeptical natures as this is only imagining….right? What if what Mr. Keshe talked about in the 158th Knowledge Seekers workshop with the Gans of Hydrogen is all correct and the changes are at our doorstep. As fellow foundation members and supporters collectively we must operate with integrity and responsibility or we all fail. These responsibilities are falling on the shoulders of many and no longer on Mr Keshe’s alone and we have within our grasps the ability to assist in great ways the future of all of mankind. Let us all share the collective imagination that not only can we do this but that we will be successful in our endeavors and let this collective wish shine bright. We know why we are here and what we are here to do as we are the strongest of the strong. Imagine Peace, Imagine Love, Imagine a bright new world for all.



As we navigate our way through the understandings of the plasma technology different support networks are finding their footings. One I wish to share is from a long time follower, John Anderson, who has taken the time to understand the teachings in ways that can be helpful to us all. I encourage those in need of help to use his insight to help in what understandings you may need support with. Here is the link to his website;


Jon Bliven, Managing Director

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